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Roof Maintenance

It sad to say but you probably get your car tuned up more often than your roof. Considering the protection it provide for your family and the huge financial investment, why aren’t more people maintaining their roofs and extending the condition and life of the roof. Your roof protects your home against the elements and is one of your home’s most important features. Protect your investment by making sure it’s in good shape. Our team of professionals clean all debris from your roof, gutters and downspouts, inspect all flashings on your home including walls, valleys, chimneys, and skylights, caulk all flashings. We also Re-sealing all heat stacks and soil boot pipe flashings, repair any nail pop ups and loose shingles. For tile roofs we will replace up to 5 broken or cracked tiles.

Roof Insurance Certification

A roof certification is essentially a form of warranty issued by a State Licensed Roofing Contractor. It states that they have inspected (and possibly repaired) the roof, and they certify that it will last another 3 years given its current condition. The inspection includes 2 photos and the certification form. Many times Roof Insurance Certificates give homeowners the ample time needed to budget their project before they have to do the required roof replacement.

Hurricane Straps

One of the best ways you can protect your home and family during hurricane force winds is by installing hurricane straps during your roof replacement. The galvanized metal strap which is designed and manufactured to the exact measurement provides extra reinforcement to the beams and roof structure. Not only does this feature protect but can save you 35-45% off your homeowners insurance. Many customers quickly realize that the added savings actually payoff the initial roof investment within the first couple of years.


The perfect time to install gutters is when you’re replacing your roof. Our gutters are professionally installed and custom fitted to ensure water is directed away from the roof and off the home. Our seamless gutter system come is a variety of color and provide a classic accent to your home.

Termite Treatment

Whether you know it or not, your roof can be susceptible to dry wood termites. South Florida is known for termites which can migrate from your surrounding neighbors. It is a great idea to have your roof treated for termites while installing your new roof. During the reroofing process the deck and attic are accessible and the area can be properly treated. After we apply the treatment a certificate of warranty is issued to the homeowner. Our Termite Prevention Treatment provides our customers the peace of mind and knowing their roof deck will be protected. This revolutionary technique proves to extend the life of the roof and eliminate possible termite tenting down the future. City Roofing has you and your family completely covered.


One of downside of roof replacements is having to rip off off old flashing that are adhered to the stucco. Rest assured the job will be done right as we build your roof from the ground up we have the proper team in place to replaster all exterior walls that become compromised during the repair and reroof process. A leaky roof can lead to serious internal damage to the drywall. After the roof has been repairs our team will come in and replace all the broken and damp drywall to ensure your home looks great from the inside out.

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