Did you know that replacement of typical asphalt shingle roofs should be done every 20 to 25 years? As such, if you bought a house in which previous owners lived for about 20 years, it is high time you considered installing a new roof. Aside from improving the general aesthetics of your house, a fresh roof comes with many advantages. Continue reading to learn more.

Increases the Resale Value

A new roof can boost the value of your home by almost $12,000 overnight. That is quite impressive since most homes will only require a few thousand dollars to buy and install a new roof. Besides the value increment, you want to think about the rate at which prospective buyers contact you. With a new roof, more buyers will be attracted, so you will sell the property faster.

It goes without saying that properties that linger on the market for too long are not profitable to the owner due to increased agent fees. On the other hand, homes that are in high demand have a better return since their owner only parts with a few hundred dollars to real estate agents. If you ever considered selling your home, calling the local roofing company and installing a new roof is a no-brainer.

Warranty Terms Have Improved

If you have been keeping up with the construction industry, you may be aware that past standard warranties were around 15 to 20 years for roofing materials. Today, technological and legal changes have pushed these warranties to approximately 50 years. Intense competition in the residential home construction space is partly responsible for such friendly warranty terms.

If your current roof was installed 20 years ago, there is a high likelihood that its warranty is already expired. Installing a new one will allow you to enjoy today's terms. Think about it, a warranty of 50 years will not only increase your sense of safety but will advertently raise the value of your home to prospective buyers.

Additionally, you will also be solving potential problems such as a leaking roof by taking action today.

Benefit From New Roofing Technologies

You may not have noticed it, but most aspects of modern life have slight improvements to past experiences. Suppose you talk to any local roofing contractor. You will realize that some exciting things are happening in the construction industry with regards to the installation of new roofs and general roof repair technology.

One of the most impressive modern roofing technologies is heat reflection. Today's roofs are designed to reflect solar waves away from the building to reduce cooling costs. You need to ask your local roofing company to give you a catalog of some of their energy-saving products before you make any commitments. Most roofers will have a good idea about the technologies built into their products.

No Inspection Issues

According to building consultants, a roof needs to be inspected by an expert every once or twice annually. You have to remember that you cannot sell the property if it does not pass an inspection test. Being one of the most important components of a house, you must handle roof repairs promptly because you never know when you need to place the property on the market.

Keeping up with the condition of your home is not optional, given that it is one of your most important assets. You should have your local roofing company on speed dial for minor repairs or extensive works.

Final Word

You do not have to wait for a disaster or an emergency to work on roof repairs or replacements. Many Americans admit that they only think about their roofs after weather damage. A new roof will help you avoid rushing when a disaster strikes. Contact us today if you are looking for a reputable local roofing company in Miami, Florida.