Your roof is leaking and now you don't know what to do or how to fix it. You might place a bucket under the leak to stop the water from going all over the floor, but you probably don't have the professional experience to safely and securely make a roofing repair on your own. It's never a good idea to DIY a roof repair, and it's best to let professional roofing companies handle the problem for your own safety. That said, what do you do when you notice your roof is leaking? Follow this simple guide to help you get rid of this pesky problem.

Find The Source

If you have found out that your roof is leaking, it's important to find the leak's primary location. However, finding the source of a leaky roof can prove to be challenging. You may not know what to look for, unlike a professional who can spot the correct area of concern quickly. However, you can look to see if there are any curling or cracking of the shingles when you stand outside and look up at your roof. Leaks may occur where this caulk is no longer viable. You may also want to check the corner shingles as well, as leaks can also occur there.

Call a Professional

Your roof will need to be inspected at least once or twice a year. You will want to call a professional roofing contractor as these roof repairs require a professional. Professional roofing companies can identify leaks promptly, as well as the source of a leak. When you call a professional roofing company, you're contacting a company that not only has the experience you need to get the job done right and fast but also the insurance coverage should anything potentially go wrong. If you attempt to DIY the repair, you don't have the same kind of coverage and you could end up hurting both yourself and your finances in the event of a disastrous mistake.

Schedule a Repair to Fix Broken or Damaged Shingles

Once you've contacted local roofing companies and done your research on their experience and services, you can schedule a repair to have your broken or damaged shingles replaced. Your roofing contractors will be able to replace the shingles that have been damaged by lifting the edges of the surrounding shingles and using a pry bar to bring up the nails. After the nails have been taken out, the shingle should slide out easily. There may be residue cement from underneath the shingle. Your roofing contractor will be sure to scrape all of this away before they put on a new shingle.

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