Being a homeowner often means having to make a lot of big decisions. One of the biggest decisions many homeowners will have to make is deciding whether to repair or replace their roof. There's no one right answer and instead, you need to take into consideration your specific situation. In many cases, roofing repair will save money, and only in some situations will simply replacing the roof save you more.

Take a Long-Term View of the Costs

Roofing repair work will often be substantially cheaper upfront. However, you shouldn't assume that that'll be the case. It's smart to sit down and consider the total costs of repairing versus replacing the roof. As we'll see below, the age of a roof is important, but there are other considerations as well, such as damage from water, mold growth, and the like.

If a roof is heavily damaged, figure out just how extensive that damage is. Keep in mind that storms and other events could damage your roof even if it's brand new. In some cases, the roof may end up ruined and will need to be replaced. In other instances, some quick repairs could put things back in order. If insurance is paying, it's smart to get as much work done as they'll cover without a total replacement.

Keep the Roof's Lifespan in Mind

If you have an older roof that's nearing the end of its lifespan, it may make more sense to simply replace it. While the right roofing repairs could extend the lifespan, at some point the roof could become a money pit that you're constantly sinking cash into. Starting over with a new roof may simply make more financial sense. Don't replace the roof just because of its age though. Why get rid of a good thing?

A well-constructed roof will typically last between twenty to thirty years, according to Relalty Times. However, some types of roofs can last much longer with proper maintenance and upkeep. Some metal roofs will last 50 years or more, for example. If your roof is still relatively young, it may make more sense to simply repair it. The right roofing repair work may completely restore its functionality.

It's wise to reach out to professional roofers to source advice. They can help you understand both the long-term and short-term costs associated with both options. Get in touch today if you're in need of assistance.